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4257 Rules of the Road™: The Advanced Trial Lawyers Guide Featuring Patrick Malone

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4257 Rules of the Road™: The Advanced Trial Lawyers Guide Featuring Patrick Malone - Details:

Rules of the Road™: The Advanced Trial Lawyers Guide Featuring Patrick Malone
Recorded from Chicago, IL October 2-3, 2015

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Carl Bettinger; Randall L. Kinnard; Mark R. Kosieradzki; James B. Lees; Zoe Littlepage; Patrick A. Malone; Malcom "Mic" P. McConnell, III; Sach D. Oliver; Todd A. Smith; Carl L. Solomon; Robyn Wishart

Table of Contents

  • Cross Examining Tough Witnesses with Rules of the Road™ - Patrick A. Malone
  • Incorporating Your (“Shh”) Rules into Your Case: Voir Dire, Opening, and Beyond - Todd A. Smith
  • Anchoring Your Case in Stormy Seas: Rules of the Road™ to Avoid Seasickness at Trial - James B. Lees
  • Visual Presentation of Evidence: Thinking Outside the Box and Presenting Community Rules Visually - Zoe Littlepage
  • Crafting a Story to Frame the Rules - Carl Bettinger
  • Forcing Rules from the Defendant with 30(b)(6) Depositions - Mark R. Kosieradzki
  • Bookending Rules in Opening and Closing Statements - Malcom "Mic" P. McConnell, III
  • Rules and Trucking Cases - Carl L. Solomon
  • Principles of Warfare and the Rules of the Road™ - Randall L. Kinnard
  • Shifting Rules Into Rhetorical Questions - Robyn Wishart; Paul J. Scoptur
  • Using Safety Rules in Depositions - Sach D. Oliver

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