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4243 Testosterone Therapy Litigation Seminar

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4243 Testosterone Therapy Litigation Seminar - Details:

Testosterone Therapy Litigation Seminar
Recorded from Louisville, KY on March 6 2014

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Tim Becker; Ronald Johnson; Brian Ketterer; Joseph Lyon; Roseanne B. McTyre, Ph.D.; Karen Barth Menzies; Tobias Millrood; Trent Miracle; Chris Paulos; David Ratner;

Table of Contents

  • The Menopausal Hormone Therapy Litigation—Learning from Experience on a Lifestyle Drug for a Disease Created by Industry - Tobias Millrood
  • The Defendants—Manufacturers - Karen Barth Menzies
  • The Defendants—The Regulatory Story: FDA Approval and Action - Trent Miracle
  • The Injuries & State of the Literature & Pharmaceutical Bias - Timothy J. Becker
  • Relative Risk and Odds Ratios in Reported Literature Data - Brian Ketterer; Roseanne McTyre, Ph.D.
  • Specific Causation: Mechanism of Injury & Causation Defenses - Ronald Johnson
  • Direct to Consumer Marketing: Off-Label and Over Label Promotion - David S. Ratner
  • Causes of Action - Joseph M. Lyon
  • Defenses and Preemption - Chris Paulos

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